Terms & Conditions

Effective January 1, 2013

(Last Updated on April 2, 2014)

By purchasing a service through RBG Boost or our partner vendors, you knowingly agree to the terms and conditions listed herein. Please note that this agreement may be edited, adjusted, terminated, or changed at any time by RBG Boost. You also agree explicitly that no refunds will be given for service cancellations or for other reasons. All items for sale on our website are digital and not physical, and are not covered under Paypal’s protection policies. All sales on RBG-boost.com are final.

RBG Boost releases all liability for game accounts which are banned, suspended, or rendered inoperable by specific services listed on our website. Recognize that all delivery date information listed on the website is an estimate, and is not always accurate. Estimated time of arrival of your product(s) may be changed based on demand  and other factors. Artwork featured on the website is not representative of final product. RBG Boost cannot be held responsible for payment errors as a result of Paypal or its parent company’s mistakes or unintended service outages. RBG Boost will dispute customers who begin a Paypal dispute or claim, and in the case of financial damages/lost sales, we will seek recompense through litigation of the involved parties or by filing a formal request through a collection agency in the customer’s country of residence. Customers who dispute charges from our company void all warranty on their items and services, and a refund or store credit/compensation will not be awarded under any circumstance. RBG Boost does not own or claim to own any copyright to Blizzard Entertainment intellectual property. RBG Boost is not responsible for additional charges incurred to the customer, including but not limited to character transfers, faction transfers, or any other transactions handled by RBG Boost or by any other company. RBG Boost is not responsible for additional charges or service delays due to a customer not having the correct gear, items, weapons, talents, or any other contributing factors impeding the character’s ability to progress through the ordered service. RBG Boost is not responsible for lost income, damages, or any other consequences as a result of the customer giving our company access to their World of Warcraft or other game accounts. RBG Boost is not responsible for failures, reversals, cancellations of Battle.net Name Changes. RBG Boost sells and lists products that are a result of personal time investments in World of Warcraft, and does not own World of Warcraft gold, characters, items, or achievements. Characters sold through RBG-boost.com may not include mounts, achievements, titles, or specific features due to Blizzard Entertainment’s account transfer policies. RBG Boost is not responsible for incomplete orders or partially finished orders that were unable to be completed as a result of the customer interrupting our service, or locking us out of the account. RBG Boost is not responsible for mounts, items, titles, or account features lost in the transfer process. RBG Boost does not endorse or support products or services from advertisers. RBG Boost may adjust the prices and estimated value of any account or service on the site without announcement. RBG Boost is not responsible for play time lost as a result of account IP locks when an account is being played on a “pay as you play” format. If a user cancels a “pay as you play” plan, RBG Boost will not give refunds or other forms of compensation. RBG Boost is not responsible for fees associated with the sale and transfer of accounts from buyer to seller such as Battle.net character transfers. The buyer will not be paid a percentage of the sale price, but will instead be paid a percentage of the profit after taxation, service fees, and other expenditures. RBG Boost does not give support for in-game issues in World of Warcraft or any other game. RBG Boost will do their best to assist in the recovery of accounts recalled by sellers or buyers. RBG Boost is not responsible for bans, account recalls, suspensions, service reversals, or account penalties from Blizzard Entertainment as a result of purchasing our products or services. Images and videos on the site may not fully represent final product.

RBG-Boost reserves the right to submit any unpaid bills, lost income, or damages from PayPal chargebacks to a collection agency in the customer’s region. Any and all financial disputes and chargebacks by the user/end user/customer will be submitted to confidential arbitration in the United States of America’s circuit/small claims courts. Carefully read our terms of service before filing for a dispute through PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, or your financial institution, as our company follows through on most significant disputes. RBG-Boost.com reserves the right to file for collections disputes and litigation, and RBG-Boost.com chooses to file for collection, we will promptly contact the user through legal means. The collection charge filed through regional and international claims may include attorney fees, collection fees, damages, and any other applicable charges such as a loss of sale, interest free, and other charges. Information regarding sales and potential disputes/ligitation can be accessed via our online contact form, or through E-mailing us directly at admin@rbg-boost.com. Requests on outstanding disputes and litigation will not receive a response from our company E-mail, and you can instead reach our attorney or collection agency at the point of contact described in our initial legal correspondence.

RBG-boost.com is ©2012-2014 Online RBG Services. The products and services listed on the site are represented and sold as time and effort in an online video game, and do not represent physical products which can be shipped. World of Warcraft is a registered trademark of Activision-Blizzard and Blizzard Entertainment. Products and services listed on the site are representative of time and effort put into the game, and are not intended as infringements upon the rights of their registered trademark owners.
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