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Due to a high volume of orders, as well as the increased difficulty in unbanning accounts following the Honorbuddy bans, we are now only accepting Bitcoins as payment for this service. If you would like to order, please contact our customer support through the chat or E-mail form on the contact page. Bitcoins allow us to provide the service safely and anonymously for our customers, and ensures that only customers who are serious about making the purchase will go to extra lengths to secure Bitcoins. If we utilize the method too much, the likelihood that it will no longer be effective increases. Thanks for your understanding! Looking for how to buy Bitcoins?: Bitcoins Buying Guide | Circle.com (USA Bitcoin Sellers) | Coinbase.com (International Bitcoins)

It’s devastating to lose a World of Warcraft account. If you’re a botter and you’ve used programs like Honorbuddy, you’ve probably tried your best to unban WoW account collections to no avail. Our unban WoW account service is sure to be an asset to players who want to get their World of Warcraft accounts appealed from a permanent ban, temporary ban, or account lock. Our method is 100% legal, you can be sure that you won’t get in trouble for using our services. We will require some basic information we perform the unban WoW account for you, so be sure to have as much information as possible about the account history in order to assist us.

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This unban WoW account method works for a variety of different ban reasons. Whether your account was banned from the game for purchasing gold, using a bot or third-party programs such as hacks, or harassing another player, the method will work for you nearly 100% of the time. We’re happy to provide the service to players both in the European Union and United States gaming regions. If your World of Warcraft account has been banned for a significant amount of time, we can still perform the service without hitches, provided you give us the information necessary.

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Don’t let your old legacy WoW account go to waste! Buy an unban WoW account service now!

For a one-time nominal fee, we will attempt to perform the unban WoW account method for a WoW account of your choosing. Our method is proven to work, and we have unbanned hundreds of World of Warcraft account since we started this service years ago. While the fee may be a bit expensive, it is very well worth it. We’re the only company that can claim a near 100% success rate for unbanning World of Warcraft accounts. If you need to unban WoW accounts or Battle.net accounts, we can get you back into the game without a hiccup or hitch.

Once you’ve purchased from the unban WoW account product page, you’ll need to get in contact with our team through the on-site chat, email, or our Skype address. From there, we will help you organize the unban WoW account service, and you will give us the information necessary to perform the service effectively. Once you deliver the information to us, you could be waiting for a week or two depending on how many people are in front of you in line, but once your order is up, we will contact you and get the service started.

We also offer an express RBG Boost unban WoW account option for those of you who want to cut in line. This service cost an extra $100, so only people who need their World of Warcraft accounts unbanned in a hurry need to purchase this. Otherwise, the wait times are not typically that long, so you won’t really have to worry about waiting for months on end like some other companies require you to. We have the fastest delivery Time in the industry, the highest quality services, and the only American staff comprised of native English speakers who know exactly how to provide the best customer service possible.

We hope you order today and give us an ample opportunity to impress you with our unrivaled services. Thank you for choosing RBG Boost!


Please note that this service is non-refundable. All sales are final through RBG-Boost

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    Ecxellente service for EU accounts easy to buy and quick

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    I was able to get my WOW account unbanned using this service. They are reliable and quick and trustworthy guys.

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    No complaints here and I would recommend the unbanning service to others

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    No bullshit like the other services. They don’t use letters or other crap methods

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