Custom RBG Boost Service

Custom RBG Boost Service


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Using this page, you can order a custom boosting package for your character in World of Warcraft. This allows you to select your current rating and your desired rating to easily find out a price. What desired rating do you want to get to? Select your desired rating with a slider above and choose your current rating to find out how much it will cost you to get from point A to point B. Our RBG boost service is tailor-made for players who want a custom boosting solution for their World of Warcraft toon. At 1800 rating, you unlock the special Grand Marshal transmog, which is a set that looks exactly like the original vanilla PVP gear introduced in the first World of Warcraft expansion. 2000 rating unlocks the elite year, which is a special set of PVP gear available only to players who reach this rating. It does not have extra staff, but it is a unique transmogrification set that sets you apart from the crowd. 2200 rating unlocks the elite enchant, and higher racing unlocks the transmogrification tape and tabard, which allow you to show other players that you are truly a powerful competitor in PVP content. Show other groups that you can hold your own in PVP content with these amazing rewards.

Fastest RBG Boost Service Available

We’ve designed a system that allows players to easily choose a custom RBG boost service without a hassle. We quickly deliver the package to you and contact you over Skype in order to set up your order with one of our professional teams comprised of Rank One Gladiators and former Heroes of the Alliance and Horde. We have conquered the game every season, and we only employ the most renowned Gladiators. We hire American and British players to handle our European Union and United States orders. We utilize a fiber-optic virtual private server with access to over 1500 IP addresses per week that are disposable and use only once. This allows us to protect you from being banned or penalized, because Blizzard will think that you are the one logging into the account to do your rating rather than someone else. We pick an IP address within 5 to 10 miles of your location at the very most. We have IP address is located in 49 countries, and our network is growing every day. We constantly refresh them to ensure that we never use the same IP more than once.

With our company, you could quality services and unbeatable prices. We constantly undercut our competitors to ensure that we get our customers the best price possible. Order your boost today and unlock the gear and exclusive titles available only to WoW players who managed to compete in these incredibly difficult group battles. Join the ranks of the game’s most powerful champions by relying on our professional, full-time gladiators to carry you to the rating that you desire. Let us crush your enemies on the battlefield and unlock limited time rewards for your toon before they disappear forever.

Please note that this service is non-refundable. All sales all final through RBG-Boost

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33 reviews for Custom RBG Boost Service

  1. :

    Too easy mates! Great service.

  2. :

    I was surprised at how fast it was done… Good work.

  3. :

    Really recommend them! 5/5

  4. :

    Excellent quality of customer support!!!

  5. :

    skype contact was a n ice feature

  6. :

    Best boosting company i have worked with

  7. :

    It took only about 2 days for them to reach 2200 which was very good considering i could not find anyone else otherwise.

  8. :

    I recommend this company to anyone having a problem finding a regular team.

  9. :

    No one was available for boosting with a team on my server. I found a booster thru this site.

  10. :

    … Excellent work!!!

  11. :

    Was nice to be able to order and trust a company for once. Too many scammers around these days and this company earned my trust customer for life

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    XD I love RBG Boost!

  13. :

    I plan on coming back here next season for sure

  14. :

    As everyone else recommends here, this company is great.

  15. :

    A little slow at first but it really picked up quick and they did as they promised.

  16. :

    Immediate contact was established, and I was really impressed with the level of professionalism and care for my 2200 order.

  17. :

    5 stars!

  18. :

    not bad, better than the last boosting company i wnt to

  19. :

    Hi! ^^ I hope you guys are still doing orders you did this one for me sorry for the late review <3

  20. :

    Custom ordering is nice feature, never seen it on another rbg booster site b4

  21. :

    Hello I got this 20% off with the RBG boost coupon sale so it was super cheap! Ask them for coupons it’ll save you money.

  22. :

    Very easy order process. A+

  23. :

    Saved money with the 20% off sale, so it was ultra cheap.

  24. :

    Super quick turnaround process.

  25. :

    Really good! Nice boosters

  26. :

    Happy with my order.

  27. :

    Would order again! 11/10

  28. :

    Very easy to deal with their staff over Skype. Very good support.

  29. :

    Excellent boosting quality service

  30. :

    Nice! Actual Americans!

  31. :

    Fastest boost I have bought from any company

  32. :

    Great quality service. Would buy a boost again.

  33. :

    superfast was really pleased

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