2000 Rated Battleground Rating

2000 Rated Battleground Rating


Product Description

Want to reach 2000 rating in Rated Battlegrounds? Look no further! Buy rbg boost services for your account from the top-rated boosters in the industry. Purchasing a boost package raises the conquest you can get per week, and it also awards your character with a unique PvP title. The title changes depending on whether your toon is currently on the Horde or Alliance. We do everything our power to make sure that your boost is as fast and safe as possible, which is why we only hire the top-rated players in World of Warcraft from the United States to help us do our orders. We perform this service both in the US and EU.

Our service helps you reach new heights in World of Warcraft by unlocking achievements normally only available to the game’s top players. This helps you get in more groups and find more Arena and RBG teams. In addition to this, it also unlocks a plethora of different rewards. If you’re looking to get your character boosted to 2000 rating as quickly as possible, perhaps it is time to buy rbg boost packages for your characters. This will greatly increase your conquest cap so that you can farm more points per week.


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A lot of customers ask, what makes our RBG boosting so safe? We own a full-time virtual private server and we have access to 1,500+ disposable IP addresses in 49 countries all around the world. We can select an IP within 5-15 miles of your location to make it look like you’re the one playing when we login., Alternatively, you can always upgrade your package to the self-played version, but this is a lot more expensive and is unnecessary if you’re looking for a fast, safe boost. We get the job done right so that you can log back into your World of Warcraft account and enjoy the rewards.

Once you make a purchase with us, it would be a good idea to remove your Battle.net authenticator whenever possible to avoid delaying the service. Keeping the authenticator on your account could mean that our team would not be able to coordinate a login, as our support and teams are online during different hours, which makes it difficult for us to pass authenticator codes between multiple members of our company in time to login. Combine this with nascent latency between Skype and internet connections, and you have a slippery situation.

We’re the industry’s only World of Warcraft boosters with a 100% satisfaction rate, and we’re the only American company currently performing a buy rbg boost series of packages for our customers on EU and US servers. Contact us today if you have any questions, or place an order right now and get the ball rolling. We’d be more than happy to help you gear out your characters and bring them up to a much higher rating. Unlock the newest rewards in the latest expansion with the help of your friends at our company. You’ll thank yourself later!

Please note that this service is non-refundable. All sales are final through RBG-Boost


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