Buy 2200 Arena Rating

Buy 2200 Arena Rating


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Arena rating packages for 2200 and above unlock the exclusive Gladiator’s Enchant and the 2000 Elite PvP set for the respective season. Achieving 2200 in Arena is a true feat, and only the most well-seasoned players are capable of reaching this rating. If you’re having trouble finding a team, or you don’t have enough experience to get high arena rating in 3v3s, you’re in luck! Our professional team of gamers can boost you up to the desired arena rating for a nominal fee.

All of our players are based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, so you know you’ll be dealing with a quality, native English-speaking staff that can answer your questions most hours of the day.

This arena rating package will unlock the 2200 arena rating achievement as well, which gives you an edge when looking for teams in future seasons. Some teams, even on the OQueue random group finder add-on, will require that you have an “experience” achievement to prove your ability as a player. In addition to getting your hands on a rare set that will be removed from the game in the following patch (The Elite PvP gear), you will also be able to purchase a Bloody weapon enchant which gives your weapon an awesome cosmetic effect that also provides a useful stat buff for PvP content.

Buy Arena Rating

If you ever plan on selling your World of Warcraft account in the future, an arena rating boost will drastically improve the value of your account, as many account collectors look specifically for character with a history of rare achievements and ubobtainable pieces of gear, which this package provides. Note that you will need to farm your own conquest points in order to purchase the Elite PvP gear, or you can purchase our RBG cap package for several weeks in order to get enough points!

You will need a full set of PvP honor gear before we can perform the arena rating pack for your account. If you don’t have the patience to farm honor gear on your own, you can buy our honor gear package for a low price.

When you purchase this 2200 package from our company, you’ll save yourself hundreds of hours of wasted effort. Avoid bad team mates, rage-quitting losers, botched matches, and other frustration when you purchase our arena rating service!

Set-up your Arena Rating Order

RBG-Boost prides itself in providing the best customer service possible. Once you’ve placed your order with our company, make sure to get in contact with us on our on-site chat panel. You can also drop us a like with the online contact form! You’ll need to remove your authenticator for the duration of the order so that our Rank 1 Gladiator can login to your account without difficulty of delay. You will also be asked to perform a password reset when we first login to the account, as there will be a slight IP difference between our VPS and your home router.

Once you have ordered:

  • We will update you on the progress of your arena rating carry if anything changes.
  • Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns about your Arena Master boost.

Please note that this service is non-refundable. All sales all final through RBG-Boost


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