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    Ashes of Alar

    Looking to buy Ashes of Alar? It’s a pain in the butt to farm the mount yourself, and the Kael’thas fight still trips most soloers up if you don’t happen to be a decent Blood Death Knight. Even for those who are capable of farming the Ashes mount, it’s still a major inconvenience to have to drop whatever you’re doing each week to farm Tempest Keep, and it gets old quickly. Now, you take the stress out of farming Ashes of Al’ar when you buy Ashes of Al’ar from us. For a one-time flat rate, you will be guaranteed Ashes of Al’ar, no matter how long it takes for our booster to farm the...

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    Astral Cloud Serpent

    Want to buy Astral Cloud Serpent? This amazing mount resembles the Mogu’shan Vaults boss, Elegon. When you buy Astral Cloud Serpent, this means you won’t have to get your own group together and farm for months and months, which is a near impossible task for most players. Even if you did somehow get the mount to drop, you have to complete with at least nine other players for rolls in order to get a hold of it. Opt for the better option and buy Astral Cloud Serpent runs with our team. When you pay for this mount package, we’ll farm the mount for you until it drops, guaranteed. This stunning mount will leave your...

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    Buy Swift Spectral Tiger

    Looking to buy Swift Spectral Tiger for your World of Warcraft account? RBG Boost is a proud American company that specializes in World of Warcraft mounts, boosts, carries, and other products. Our custom packages are designed to please even the most specific of tastes. The Swift Spectral Tiger mount in World of Warcraft is one of the rarest and most sought-after mounts in the game. Unlike the regular Spectral Tiger mount, this one includes a suit of ghostly armor to steel your companion against attacks by the most vicious creatures in Azeroth. Take the reins and travel astride this amazing mount when you buy Swift Spectral Tiger mounts from RBG Boost! When you buy...

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    If you could have one mount in World of Warcraft, which would it be? For many, Invincible from Icecrown Citadel would be one. Now, we can fulfill your wish when you buy WoW mount boosts. For a one-time flat rate, our raiders will farm for Invincible each week on the character of your choice for as long as it takes for the mount to drop. This saves you a ton of money, as other WoW boosters charge by the week, meaning you could easily spend over five thousand dollars if it takes the mount awhile to drop with their buy WoW mount services. Each mount purchase comes with our award-winning, 24/7 customer support. Think...

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    Mimiron’s Head

    Our team now gives you the option to buy WoW mounts directly from our website. Now, you can get a hold of the exceedingly rare Mimiron’s Head mount when you buy WoW mounts packages from us. How does it work exactly? It’s pretty simple, but we’ll explain. You pay a flat rate to our company, and we’ll farm the mount no matter how long it takes to drop with a team of our professional raiders. This means you won’t have to worry about putting your own group of scrubs together who don’t know how to do Yogg-Saron No Lights, wasting and money on repair bills as you wipe repeatedly. Paying a flat rate when...

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