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Want to get in contact with us about a sale inquiry, comment, question, or concern? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as it were. The form below will shoot an email off to our support staff, who will reply to your message within 24 hours. If you are contacting us about the status of an existing order, please include the order number of your purchase. This can be found by checking the “My Account” section of the website or by referring to the original email message you were sent by our website when you first made the purchase.

The fastest way to get in contact with our customer support staff is to open customer support chat. You will likely be automatically prompted by customer support when you first come to the website, but if you don’t see us talking to you, you can open up chat with us by clicking the green support button on the right side of the page. We may ask for your order number, which can be found in the My Account section as mentioned above.

We hope we can be of help to you, and we also hope that you make us your only source for World of Warcraft account services.

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