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We’re delighted that you’ve taken an interest in who we are and what we do.  We are an American-owned company of professional gamers who have taken up residence on World of Warcraft. We’ve conquered dungeons and battlefields in a wide variety of different games, but something is just so charming about World of Warcraft that motivates us to come back again and again. We noticed during the launch of Cataclysm that there weren’t a lot of reliable or trustworthy businesses in the industry selling World of Warcraft RBG services. Not only do we have a passion for making a living off of playing video games, we want to see every player have an opportunity to get rewards from RBG WoW. Everyone deserves a shot at getting amazing PvP gear and weapons, and we think it’s time to level the playing field by giving World of Warcraft RBG gear to the masses.

The best way for skill to prevail in World of Warcraft is for everyone to get the same World of Warcraft RBG weapons and items. Our philosophy is that Player Versus Player content in World of Warcraft should welcome all players to test their skills and experiment with different group compositions and strategies. Sadly, a lack or RBG WoW items gets in the way of insuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to lay down awesome kills in battlegrounds and arenas. In addition to World of Warcraft boosting packages, we also offer a wide variety of other WoW account services such as Battle.net name changes, Challenge Mode boosts, Arena boosts, mount farming, and more. We promise that you’ll be so impressed with our level of service and customer care that you’ll never to go anyone else again for any of these services. Remember that if you’re looking to get something that isn’t on our site, we can talk about setting up a deal with you.

If you’re buying RBG WoW boosts for a group or guild, we can give special discounts that’ll make you drool. We offer fantastic discounts on World of Warcraft RBG, Challenge Modes, and any other account service for individuals as well, as long as you’re purchasing the services for multiple characters. While we do specialize in RBG WoW matters, we are equally skilled in providing all of the other services listed on our website. When in doubt, ask, and we’ll probably cut you a damned good deal on World of Warcraft RBG packages.

If you have any questions about us, our services, our feedback, or anything that crosses your mind, you can get in contact with us on the “Contact Us” section of the website. You can also open up customer chat to streamline the World of Warcraft RBG ordering process. Our customer representatives can answer any questions you have about RBG WoW orders or any other service listed on the website. We hope you order with us soon and experience our company’s full potential! Check out the reviews on our site to see what our other customers have to say about our RBG WoW boosts!

RBG-boost.com is ©2012-2014 Online RBG Services. The products and services listed on the site are represented and sold as time and effort in an online video game, and do not represent physical products which can be shipped. World of Warcraft is a registered trademark of Activision-Blizzard and Blizzard Entertainment. Products and services listed on the site are representative of time and effort put into the game, and are not intended as infringements upon the rights of their registered trademark owners.
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