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You’re a busy person, and this means that you don’t have the time to pour hours and hours into farming for World of Warcraft. Fortunately for you, this is our full-time job. We are proud to be an American business, employing a team of professional gamers who are passionate about what they do. We make getting the most up to date gear, titles, mounts, and achievements a breeze for our customers. We even give group discounts for multiple players or entire guilds, if you’re in the business for such a thing. We’ve been hacking and slashing our way to victory since 2010, providing service to thousands of World of Warcraft players worldwide. Even though we’re based out of the United States, we also offer services to European servers! Our company prides itself on delivering lightning-fast service, and we deliver on that promise! Take a look at the reviews plastered all over the website to see what we mean.

Buy RBG Boost

Our services are unique in that we go to extra lengths to ensure our customers are safe and secure. When we login to boost your World of Warcraft toons, we use an in-house developed VPS to match your regional IP address right down to your individual city! Say for example that you live in Los Angeles, California. Our booster would use our program to pick an IP address from a pool of addresses in that city, so Blizzard’s account administrators would never suspect that someone else was logging into your account to play your characters. This gives our customers peace of mind and added account security. If all of that wasn’t enough, our account services are competitively priced. You won’t find a better, safer deal anywhere on the web. It’s never an idea to give your money to sketchy foreign businesses that will put your account at risk. Your financial information could be stolen, your account could be stripped of its value, or Blizzard could just as easily ban your character from seeing a Chinese IP log into your account.

Our WoW boosting service is the best on the net. We’re proud to serve clients from all over the world with our award-winning customer support and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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We are available most hours of the day to chat with you about your questions, comments, and concerns. You can get in contact with us through email or through the on-site support chat program. Once again, we offer value-priced packages for multiple players looking to benefit from group discounts. Make sure to Like our Facebook page, as well, since we give out all kinds of free promotional deals to our customers on a regular basis. We hope you order with us and give us a chance to impress you. You’ll never turn to anyone else to boost your characters or complete a Battle Net Name Change service again once you’ve tried us out.

Whether you’re looking for our WoW Power Leveling packages or a variety of services, you can always be confident that you’ll get the best deal possible with us. Ask about group discounts for parties of 2 or more, as we might be able to provide some serious discounts for teams and guilds.

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